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Bread & Reindling

Organic farmhouse bread1 kg   4,40 €
Rye-spelt bread with a little buckwheat flour. Nourishing bread.
Four seasons bread1 kg   4,60 €
Rye bread with sunflower seeds, linseed.
Moist, keeps fresh for a long time!
Farmhouse bread1 kg   3,90 €
Our popular classic for many years
Homemade “Reindling” (raisin bread)small   9,90 €
As long as stocks last! Tasty and healthy
snacks for trips and for home
Homemade “Reindling” (raisin bread)large   8,90 €
Homemade mini “Reindling”   2,90 €
Small, but tasty – also a perfect gift!
Filled whole grain roll   from 2,60 €
The healthy snack for your journey!

For trips: deliciously filled sandwiches, whole grain rolls, and a lot more.