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From our farm

Dry-cured ham100g   2,30 €
Mildly cured with beechwood.
Particularly exquisite!
Dry-cured streaky bacon100 g   1,70 €
With fine streaks of fat
Exquisite dry-cured ham100 g   2,50 €
From loin, very lean
Salami100 g   2,20 €
Masterly seasoned by Franz the butcher
Dry-cured sausage100 g   1,90 €
Our aromatic Carinthian speciality
Smoked sausage1 kg   11,50 €
Freshly smoked – for cooking or drying
Chilli ham100 g   1,90 €
The ham with a delicate hotness
Honey ham100 g   1,90 €
The ham with the certain something
Pepper ham100 g   1,90 €
The juicy ham with the subtle spiciness
Liver pâté100 g   1,20 €
The homemade savoury spread
Cold roast pork100 g   1,70 €
As long as stocks last!
Meat loaf100 g   1,10 €
Homemade, of course!

Cured with beechwood: Lots of people drive for miles and miles for these specialities.